Refund Policy
Please read these Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) carefully before purchasing any of the Guided Mandala products (“Product”) or subscription (“Subscription”). By accessing our Products or Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms. These policies and procedures apply to all The Guided Mandala products sold on this site or any other site owned by The Guided Mandala that includes a link to this page.
1. Refund Policy
1.1 If you are not happy for any reason with the quality of our Product or Service, you may request a refund based on our 100% money-back guarantee:
(i) For all products, refund within 60 days of purchase unless otherwise stated on Product sales page.
(ii) For Services purchased, refund within 60 days of purchase.
1.2 100% money-back guarantee covers price of product only. 100% money-back guarantee does not cover shipping and handling fee due to the fact that the customer made the decision to try product, therefore the customer accepts to pay the fee to ship the product.
1.3 Once a return is received or valid refund request submitted, the refund process will take no more than 30 days. All refunds will be either returned to the original credit card. International orders that will be refunded back to the original credit card, and PayPal orders will be credited back to the PayPal account.
2. Product Returns
2.1 Customers must contact our support department for a RMA (Return Authorization Number) before sending packages back. This number must be displayed on the outside of all return packages. Returned packages without RMA numbers will not be accepted.
2.2 You have SIXTY (60) Days from the date of the original purchase to return the product to receive your refund. Any return received after the SIXTY (60) DAY time limit will not be processed.
2.3 To ensure that your product is not lost or damaged, The Guided Mandala strongly recommends sending the product certified mail with a tracking number. If The Guided Mandala does not receive the product back and the customer does not have proof that the product was returned The Guided Mandala cannot issue a refund. Valid proof of returning a product includes: delivery confirmation or signature required via USPS. If the customer has delivery confirmation or signature required, then a full refund will be issued. Due to loss or missing or slow mail, we will honor any package that is postmarked for up to one year after the purchase of the product.

Disclaimer: All sessions are for adults of 18 years or older. All information is offered for personal and entertainment purposes and is not intended at any time to replace the advice, counsel or recommendation of any medical, psychological, legal or financial expert or any other professional service. Mediumship and Psychic work is experimental in nature and the information imparted during a session is open to interpretation. Clients are advised that they have free will at all times to make their own choices and I shall not be held responsible for the actions they may or may not take as a result of their session.
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